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Join us for an exploration into the science and practice of cultivating contentment in our lives.

We will gather to review and engage our amazing brains and bodies, looking into some basics of recent neuroscience research and brain plasticity, as well as peeking into how our subconscious thoughts can help or hinder us in our daily lives. By using music, rhythm, creativity and gentle movements we will invite our bodies to learn as well as our minds.


Presenting A Lively & Interactive Musical Experience

“Timeless Melodies” Senior Shows


Favorites from the “golden age” of American music for independent living communities, care centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and senior activity groups. The wonderful variety of songs and musical styles makes these programs a unique treat, with a professional level of musicianship and consistently send stellar reviews.


Sample Tracks

A Christmas Prayer Holiday Music

Exquisite musical arrangements create a warm and inviting holiday musical collection.


Celebrate the holiday season with music that creates a mood that is joyful, yet reflective, more spiritual than religious. A timeless sound appreciated by a wide range of audiences who enjoy a festive atmosphere in retail and dining establishments, as well as home and entertainment gatherings.



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Sample tracks

James Kellerman Trio & Original Music

Combining artistic excellence with enthusiasm and energy, James, NAME and NAME have created a unique, engaging and entertaining show perfect for communities and concert settings of any kind.

Sample tracks