Beginning at an early age James has been sitting at the piano allowing sounds to come forth. A relative “late bloomer,” James went back to school at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and completed his bachelor of Arts in Music Composition at the age of 53. Creating music that is fresh and engaging, James is available for commissions of original works as well as arranging existing music to fit any collection of instruments. Scores are available for purchase and performance.


An original composition for alto saxophone solo and mixed chamber ensemble with percussion. Written and conducted by James Kellerman at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Alto Saxophone soloist is Mr. Ben Cold. The performance here is from a senior composition recital held at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire in April 2008.


Original Composition “The Grandfather Tree”

An unaccompanied solo for a low-pitched instrument. Performed by the composer James Kellerman on baritone saxophone. The piece was originally conceived of for cello and could be played on bassoon, cello, bass clarinet, or any other low-pitched instrument. Written as part of the degree program for the University of Wisconsin composition studio.

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This composition has been played on Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon and Cello and all are available. You will be sent the PDF directly by email once your purchase through PayPal is complete. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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