Exploring the synthesis between the arts, music, science and spirituality.

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NEW! The “Science Of Contentment” Program

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James Kellerman is a passionate student of health and wholeness. As a full time artist and musician for the past 35 years he has gained a keen awareness for creating environments that are conducive to growth, learning and community and has combined that with a passion for neuroscience to create this exciting wellness offering. His new program The Science of Contentment incorporates live music, yoga, meditation and education on the new exploration of sound healing.

James is also available for consulting businesses and schools on creativity, using the arts and recent developments in the synthesis between science and spirituality. Whether performing, teaching or facilitating a group, he seeks not only to express himself, but to draw out the gifts of others.

James Kellerman currently has limited availability due to frequent travel for private or small group teaching of saxophone, flute, clarinet or piano. He has been teaching private lessons for 28 years. James' teaching style has been described as supportive yet solid. His philosophy is to create  genuine excitement for playing your instrument! With that excitement present, practicing ceases to be a chore and becomes what it is meant to be—FUN. Experienced teaching all ages, James especially enjoys working with adults that wish to come back to playing an instrument. Dust off that case in the attic! 

James currently lives in Ohio and enjoys an active lifestyle of XC skiing, running, and biking. He also stays engaged in politics, current events and creating a sustainable future.