A Christmas Prayer

by James Kellerman

Perfect for the Holiday Season

Warm, inviting, and honest, "A Christmas Prayer" was created in the fall of 2001 as an expression of peace.  The mood is joyful, yet reflective, more spiritual than religious. The CD has been described as having a timeless sound and creates a wonderful atmosphere in stores.
All acoustic instrumentation featuring flute, french horn, clarinet, sax, and strings with no computers or synthesizers. Fresh creative arrangements of holiday favorites.

A Christmas Prayer won the 2002 Minnesota Music Award for Best Classical Ensemble recording and was Named "Top Pick 2004" on


  • James Kellerman: Woodwinds and Vocals

  • Featuring members of both major Twin Cities Orchestras:
    Daria & Michael Adams, Nathan Norman, Marc Anderson, John Penny, Dale Dahlquist, William Polk, Bruce Henry, Paul Straka, Chris Kachian, Anna Vazquez, Tom Lewis, Adi Yeshaya, Dean Magraw

  • Arrangements: Adi Yeshaya & James Kellerman



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‘A Christmas Prayer’ is an offering of musical prayers-prayers of dancing, of beauty, and spiritual longing. This is a humble prayer of hope and faith, for the courage to follow your dreams wherever they lead, and to live each moment from a loving heart.
...a Christmas CD that puts you in the spirit of Christmas and relaxes you at the same time. I enjoy this recording so much I play it at work to help me unwind…A sharp contrast to other CD’s that have a hollow commercial sound...
The artists operate with the sensibilities of an intimate classical ensemble…the production is crisp, the professionalism is highly polished and the musicianship is warmly wonderful. Exquisite musical arrangements…truly heavenly!

Original & Classic Compositional Arrangements